I had no idea what color my GRRROUT really was until I used the GRRROUT cleaning solution. Never did I think my floors could noticeably look so clean without having to vigorously scrub. I recommend it to everyone and the fact that it works so well while being plant based and safe for my children and pets, makes it that much better.


GRRROUT had a great result on my kitchen and foyer floors and even my bathroom shower. I was prepared to regrout my entire shower before I found this product. I was a bit skeptical on how clean it would come but the results were more than I expected. My my grout was back to the original color. I was also concerned for my dogs becoming sick from harsh products but was happy to see that GRRROUT was safe and didnt have harmful poisons or toxins. This product will not disappoint I love it I have recommended GRRROUT to just about anyone who will listen.


All I can say is WOW What an excellent product GRRROUT removed the toughest grim and scum on my floors so easily Floors are Looking brand new again 100percent satisfie highly recommend - Amine Meski


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